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Oct 10, 2018
LV Mike All-American
We are 12 year season ticket holders from Las Vegas and travel to many away
games each year. We have invested a lot of time and money in supporting BYU football. We don't expect perfection. We just want to see an upward trajection, to be given some hope that the team is improving. When we were in New Orleans last year the night before the BYU/LSU game, we talked with several people very close to the program who expressed all kinds of concerns about the team. We then watched a team play the next day like it was completely unprepared. That repeated itself over and over again last season, with KS becoming outwardly critical of his team in post-game interviews - expressing frustration directed primarily at Detmer. (KS really lost me when he made a derogatory remark after the Hawaii win last year, saying something like: "At least we didn't pass the ball forty-five times . . . ." That was just two days before he fired Detmer - a very unnecessary parting shot that was, in my view, unprofessional at best.)

Despite our disappointment from last season, we have attended five of the six games played this season (even Wisconsin). But, what we are seeing play out now is a repeat of last season, with players appearing to be less than prepared - even less than enthused about being on the field. It's one thing to get spanked by Washington in Seattle. It's a whole different thing to be completely trounced by USU at home, playing without pride. Last Friday, we got out schemed, out coached, out hustled, and outplayed - and those of us seated around USU fans had to just get out of the stadium early - even though we wanted to see if Wilson ultimately got into the game. It just wasn't worth the frustration and disappointment. When former players like Brian Logan express my feelings post game so well (as he did), I know it's not just me.

If I thought KS had answers, that he is capable of actually fixing things, it would be one thing. But, he gives no such confidence. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in Studio C for his painfully hour long coaches show last night. He's making a historic amount of money to lead BYU football and is failing. That does not make me want to be a better fan. It frankly makes me question my sanity for continuing to be such a devoted fan. I can save money by cheering from my home. I haven't chosen to do that yet, but it is starting to look like a pretty good option. We'll be there for the Hawaii game this Saturday, which is pivotal for BYU. If that is a loss, I think the season is in the tank. Hopefully, BYU can actually fix things and get back on track.



"Fully Invested" in Vegas



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