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Dec 5, 2018
roseyscenario All-American
i don't know anyone who calls him a "player's coach." But he is a good coach.
Rather, he doesn't get close to people for the most part and usually maintains a psychological distance. You hear it when he talks to the media about his team as a whole, he always uses language keeping himself a half step removed from the unit.

It's not good or bad.

Rose is highly effective, IMO, at working the media and getting along well with important people. Wouldn't describe him as warm to ordinary fans, unlike his friends and colleagues Tim LaComb and Mark Pope, who are very good with ordinary folk.

Again no judgement intended here.

Rose is a good to very coach who has built a nice program at BYU. If there is a great one/better one out there known and available, i don't know of him.

That's how i see it anyway.




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