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Jan 10, 2019
whitey1980 Strong Safety
That game was just... insane. I don't know if there has EVER been a game like it, in college football.
BYU turns the ball over on five *consecutive* possessions. (2 fumbles/3 interceptions- including two pick-sixes.) Utah scored TD's on every one of them- despite the fact that Devonte Booker and Britain Covey are hurt. And is up 35-0 with 6:00 left in the 1st Quarter.

And then... they can't move the ball to save their lives the rest of the game. They even have Tom Hackett run a fake punt- to try to give them momentum... and three plays later, Hackett is back out there to punt.

Meanwhile- Tanner Mangum, who has thrown 3 interceptions (only one of which was totally his fault) somehow pulls it all together, and BYU manages to avoid another turnover. They drive the ball down the field, stall, and miss a FG. However, by the second half, they're starting to gain momentum. They score 4 TD's. With 3 or 4 minutes left on the clock, Bronco elects not to go for the onside kick- which makes some sense, because Utah hasn't done ANYTHING offensively for 3 quarters. The kicker kicks the ball out of bounds- which sucks- but isn't terrible- because all BYU has to do is hold Utah, and they probably get the ball back- with maybe a minute left- and a chance to tie/win. And then- somehow- Utah manages to get a first down- and kills the clock, to win.

It's Bronco's last game at BYU. He finishes with 99 wins- which averages to be exactly 9 wins a year. His record vs. Utah is 3-7. Kalani Sitake is named BYU's HC after the game.

BYU fans are frustrated because if it hadn't been for that atrocious 1st Quarter- OR- if the game had gone another 5 minutes- BYU wins.

Utah fans are frustrated because after being up 35-0, with 51:00 left in the game, they come VERY close to losing.

It was just... a weird, weird game.
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