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Jul 10, 2019
Doctor Rosenrosen All-American
When Seinfeld starts affecting your kids' behavior
So the other day my kids and I were watching the Seinfeld episode where George and Kramer go rock climbing with Elaine's mimbo boyfriend Tony.

They seemed to particularly enjoy the scene where Tony's face is covered with bandages and Elaine is trying to get him to remember whether the doctors had indicated whether he would have permanent scars or require major reconstrutive surgery. Tony can't remember much from his time in the hospital because he was in a medicated haze. Eventually, in response to Elaine's repeated attempts to get him to remember what the doctors said, Tony says, "I'm drawing a blank, babe."

This has since become my kids' go-to line anytime my wife asks them a question that they don't want to answer.

For example:

Wife: "did you remember to clean your room and practice your piano yesterday?"

Kids: (no response)

Wife: "well, did you or did you not clean your room and practice your piano like I asked you?"

Kids: "I'm drawing a blank, babe."

Wife: "I hate Seinfeld."




"Those are my everyday balloons."
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