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Jul 10, 2019
BYU Fan All-American
I am very jealous of Utah football right now
I listened to some local talk radio today driving around and I have to admit that I am very, very jealous of Utah football right now.

I wish BYU played in the PAC 12, especially in the currently weak southern division. If BYU took Utah's place, I'd believe BYU would have a good shot at winning the south this year. USC is a mess and nobody else (besides Utah) seems able to step up and take advantage of it.

I'd absolutely love knowing that winning our division would give BYU a chance to play in the conference title game and a one game playoff for the Rose Bowl. I've watched the Rose Bowl religiously for almost 30 years and to me, winning the Rose Bowl would be the absolute pinnacle achievement for BYU football.

I'd love playing top teams week in and week out in meaningful games. Playing USC is great this fall, but it would be so much better if the game gave BYU a leg up in the conference race and shot at the title game.

I'd love knowing that if BYU could get to November with 0-1 losses, they would be in the conversation for the playoff. I don't believe Utah's schedule is tough enough to make the playoff but to even be in the conversation would be awesome (especially with the Rose Bowl as the back up prize).

I'd love hearing all the off season conversation and prognostications about how BYU would do in the conference and how our fellow conference members would match up and who would be heading to the Rose Bowl and who might be playoff contenders.

I'm sure some people will say I should just cheer for the Utes but I have no desire to do that. I am just really jealous of the situation they are in and wish that BYU could have somehow found a way to make it to the PAC 12 (or Big 12) too. P5 football >>>>>>>>>>>> Independence.
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