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Jul 10, 2019
TFL Contributor
BYU has some great games this year and the excitement
of a promising young QB. There's a lot to like this year about Cougar football.

Yes, Utah is in a good place, but that has its drawbacks as well. In the "weak" south, every school but maybe one, has a better recruiting pitch and historical narrative than Utah.

When you're constantly playing teams that have equal or talent throughout all of your schedule, the margin for error is slim. Utah is going to lose 2-3 games, even on a good year. That's before you face the best team between UO, UW, WSU or Stanford. Then if you happen to win, you play a premier program from the Big 10.

3-4 losses are imminent.

This is why so many BYU fans scoff at Utah in the Pac-12. 10-11 wins in the WAC/MWC where you're superior to everyone is the expectation. So BYU fans, accustomed to that mindset, place Utah with the same 10/11 win expectation in the Pac-12.

Anything less, like last year's 5-loss season, is a disappointment. That wouldn't be any different if BYU was in the Pac-12.

IMO, the enjoyment vs. self-loathing for CFB fans lies purely in your objective view of your program in the CFB world and the resulting expectations. Alabama fans are pissed about last year. Northwestern fans thrilled. Old-school WAC era Utah fb fans are thrilled with 9-wins. We would've taken 6-wins in the WAC as a good season. Ute post-2004 fans, disappointed.

I'm sure BYU has the same dynamics. But overall, to have a potent and overlooked team like BYU does this year, with one of their best schedules, and an awesome QB — there's a lot there to like.
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