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Jul 10, 2019
ChinaFan All-American
you know, I live in one of the biggest cities in the world (Shanghai 28 million and counting), and while I agree
that it can be exciting, it is also exhausting. I was just home in Idaho, population 621 (until the Utah hordes descended for the 4th), and I can tell you that I loved every minute, and all the peace and quiet. And I know that's where I want to be when I retire.

I don't want to fight traffic, I don't want to push and shove in stores, wait in line for seats in restaurants. I don't want the crime, the confinement, or the pollution.

I've lived in Los Angeles. I've lived in small town USA. And as noted, I've lived in Shanghai and China for 20 years. And since I'm from Bear Lake, I just can't love Star Valley, it's against the rules. But I can certainly appreciate what it has as a second to my little home away from home in Bear Lake.

When I leave Shanghai, I'll remember it as home for many years, but I won't worry for a second that I'm missing the energy. I can create that for myself.



"Any fool with fast hands can grab a tiger by the TAIL (not the exact quote but it works), but takes a HERO to keep on squeezing; only HERO's and quitters walk away, no one else, and I am no quitter!!" -- Alexis Machine (The Dark Half - Stephen King)
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