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Jul 11, 2019
Six Foot Seven All-American
So I had some fun with Phil Steele's Position Rankings
First, Phil Steele is off in some of his ratings. He rates BYU's OL and DL far too low. His rating for BYU's LB unit is too generous, and the RB (with the proven addition of Ty'Son Williams) and WR ratings need to be adjusted. But the OL and DL ratings are so off, it's funny. No team with that many returning contributors is ever rated that low. Four returning starters to the OL with two more with starting experience is rated lower than Tennessee's OL that gave up the most sacks in D1 last year? Whatever. Entire three-deep only losing one player on the DL? No sniff of the top 25 units in the country. Sure.

But for this exercise, I used both Phil Steele's ratings and adjusted some that fall in line with my take on BYU and the teams they play.

So now the fun.

In looking at the linked post, I didn't like how the BYU QB is compared to opponent's QB, RB to RB, and so on. Those players are never going to face each other on the field. What really matters is how does the BYU run game match up against the run defense of the opponent. So taking the position rankings (and establishing a rank of "70" for every "NA" that Phil Steele lists), I determined the following breakdown for a team's Pass Game Rating and Run Game Rating (granted, this is very generic and not meant to align perfectly with every team's scheme).

A team's pass game is:
35% QB
30% OL
25% WR
10% RB

A team's run game is:
55% OL
35% RB
8% WR
2% QB

Then the same process was determined for the team's defense.

A team's pass defense is:
40% DB
35% DL
25% LB

A team's run defense is:
45% DL
35% LB
20% DB

This then provided a rating for each team's four primary functions on the field with the rating ranging from 30 up to 99. These ratings then allowed for match up comparisons that really matter. In each case a differential was established:
BYU Offense Pass Game Differential (BYU Pass Game - Opponent Pass Defense)
BYU Offense Run Game Differential (BYU Run Game - Opponent Run Defense)
BYU Defense Pass Game Differential (BYU Pass Defense - Opponent Pass Game)
BYU Defense Run Game Differential (BYU Run Defense - Opponent Run Game)

Then, in true Indy Coug fashion, I went for the Differential Differentials:
Total Pass Game Differential (BYU Offense Pass Game Differential + BYU Defense Pass Game Differential)
Total Run Game Differential (BYU Offense Run Game Differential + BYU Defense Run Game Differential)

And finally, the Total Game Differential:
Total Pass Game Differential + Total Run Game Differential

Still reading? Then congrats! Here is the link where you can see the numbers broken down:



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