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Jul 16, 2019
Michael McQuain All-American
Wow. It sounds like you and I remember it exactly the same way... were much closer on the sidelines. I was up in the press box.

I remember when LaVell got on the radio with P.J. for the KSL post-game call-in show...back when callers were not screened by a producer before being put on the air....LaVell made a very (understandably) terse statement that he would have no comment on the incident, and if anyone wanted to call-in and ask about it they should just "save their dime."

Now that you mention it, I do recall that opposing players the next season tried to bait him. I agree also that off the field (I knew him very distantly) he was a gentle giant. Probably many of us...placed in his situation that day...would have snapped as well.

Thanks for the insight.
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