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Jul 16, 2019
Slim Fake ectomorph
Depends on who you ask but check out this excerpt from an article I copied below
Lowered dopamine transmission disrupts corticostriatal functional connectivity [62], top-down regulation by the cortex and the ability of reward related cues to activate the striatum [63-64]. These neurophysiological effects are associated with a decreased behavioral tendency to preferentially respond to rewards [65-67], and a decreased willingness to sustain effort to obtain rewards, including alcohol [68], tobacco [69] and money [70]. Elevated dopamine function, in comparison, increases the ability of reward related cues to guide behavioral choices [65], diminishes the ability to differentiate between high and low value rewards [71], and induces steeper temporal discounting, a form of impulsivity defined by preference for immediately available small rewards over larger, more distal ones [72]. In clinical populations, patients with schizophrenia – considered a hyper-dopamine disease – have very high rates of substance use problems [73] while those with Parkinson’s disease exhibit, if anything, decreased rates of substance abuse [60]. Indeed, administering Parkinson’s patients dopamine agonist medications can induce a dysregulation syndrome characterized by various impulse-control problems, including pathological gambling, hyper-sexuality, and substance abuse [60].

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