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Jul 18, 2019
monkeycowboy Tenured Brofessor
Lets not forget that this is the same school whos compliance officer rats out a BYU player for breaking the HC a week
before the rivalry game. Nevermind that the actual issue happened weeks before that, they just decided to sit on it then once the game was upon us try to "help" said player.

These canoes will do anything and everything to gain a competitive advantage and love to troll and start a frenzy. I seriously hope that the "curse" is broken and that Kwhit takes a football to his prostate. The rumors about Zach are false and shouldnt be believed. What's great in all this is the Wilson family now gets a front seat to what BYU fans have known for ages which is that the U is full of degenerate trolls both in their fanbase and in their admin.
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