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Jul 19, 2019
Reedme Starter
I cut the cord outside of football season
I was surprised to find that me and my family (teens at home) mostly just need Netflix and Amazon Prime. I miss a couple of sports events, like Wimbledon or NBA playoffs. I think I will like ESPN+ once is expands its offering over time.

My cable company allows me to add expanded cable TV to my Internet only package for +$60-70 per month, no contract. So I have often done that for BYU football season. Sometimes I keep it later, depending on how the BYU basketball team is doing.

I tried Sling a couple of years ago. It was OK. I used YouTubeTV last year. I really liked it. DVR is nice, but has some bugs. But they added a bunch of nonsense channels and raised the price a couple of times. So it really started to feel just like Cable all over again at $55/month. So I cancelled YTTV this offseason. I may go back during the football season or try another over-top-provider.

Warning, "Cord Cutting" rant below . . . .

But I wish I could just pay for the sports I want to watch and leave all the other channels behind. It is what everyone wants, just pay for what they watch. There is such market demand for this, I believe it will eventually happen. The smaller niche channels can find a different model the works for them, with the "long tail" of the Internet still allowing them to reach their audience, without the rest of us subsidizing them.

But the content providers are addicted to bundling all their valuable channels together and making the cable companies include them all. It is going to take something drastic to force them to change. I am not holding my breath, while at the same time, hoping for the best eventually.
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