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Sep 17, 2019
CoachSpeak All-American
club for sure but I was talking about HS in this case. Gloves, bats, batting gloves, cleats, turf shoes, hats (they make you pay for hats and don't include them as part of the uniform), more trips out of town, and of course all the money they extort out of you for fund raising which is actually more than all of the other stuff. We probably spent over $2,000 per year for HS baseball on average, some years a bit more, whereas with football it was usually only the cost of the participation and uniform fees plus a pair of cleats.

Now you can choose to spend more money on both, for instance we bought our sons things like padded under armor for football and also cold weather under armor for them for both sports. but at least as far as what has to be paid for each sport in HS football was far less expensive. A decent bat these days costs $300.00 same for a good glove. You can probably get awy with only buying one glove for a HS career, unless your son is both a pitcher and an fielder like mine was in which case he needed a pitching glove and an outfielders glove, but you pretty much have to buy a new bat every year. It really adds up.
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