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Sep 17, 2019
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Yea you're right...
that is what cost us while my son was playing as well. His sophomore year we played a game in Chicago and his jr year we played down in SoCal. The booster club did a really good job of raising money from outside donors for both of those trips so we still didn't spend what you spent, at least not for our son it obviously cost money for us to go to those games with them, but his sr year last year they didn't travel and so other than his fees the only money I spent was for his cleats.

I'd previously bought him his own helmet and shoulder pads plus padded under armor so I think all we spent last year was maybe $300.00

I think that most people can get away with spending only the school required fees plus some cleats most years still but you are correct that it is becoming more common with the bigger programs to travel every year or at least every other year.
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