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Oct 8, 2019
vagabonder Starter
I believe he's done well as AD but pissed the bed with hiring Kalani & friends
The Emery situation and BOT failing on Big 12 negotiations weren't within his control, nor was rugby being moved out of the AD. He has done well at scheduling games and everywhere but basketball and football have been improved.

Pope looks like a good hire but it's too soon to judge.

It's easy to point the finger now, but I remember most of CB thought Detmer and Kalani were great hires. A common worry here was that Detmer would jump to be an NFL OC or HC at a smaller program and there wouldn't be continuity at the position. We had similar worries about Ed Lamb.

While the current offense is pretty mediocre, let's not forget that Holmoe convinced three former coordinators to come in and be position coaches on offense and that the Grimes hire looked great on paper. With out budget it's impressive to get an OC to come in to be a WR coach.
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