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Feb 24, 2020
The Y's Insider All-American
Encouraged to write to the voters who left BYU unranked. Am I doing this right?
Dear Mr. Holland,

In case you don't know me, my name is Y's Insider and I grew up in Springville. My wife is from Bountiful and we met at BYU after my mission and during her freshman year when I was assigned to be her ministering brother. We have 6 kids together: Ty is 4 and loves sports and Legos; McKensleigh is nearly 4 and loves dance and arts; Jimmer is 3 and loves showtunes (especially The Greatest Showman); Stockton is 2 and is our mischievous one; Taysom will turn 1 next month and is learning to walk; and little Britlee Briana is 2 months old and is our miracle preemie.

I'm writing to you today to inquire why you left BYU out of your AP Top 25 Poll. I certainly don't want to accuse you of being prejudiced against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you haven't seen BYU play this year and are therefore derelict in your duty as an AP voter.

Websters Dictionary defines "derelict" as: "An action or item in very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect."

Let me repeat that again to add emphasis: Derelict is defined as "an action or item in very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect."

Suffice it to say, Mr. Holland, I believe you have neglected your responsibility as an AP voter, and I encourage you to strive to be more dutiful and responsible. I know keeping up with 300+ basketball teams must be a challenge, but I testify we can do hard things. I want to challenge you to set a goal next week to do better.

A wise man by the name of Thomas S. Monson once said, (paraphrasing his words): "When we work hard to achieve a lofty goal, our loins our girded, our mind is enlightened, and our heart is gladdened."

As you go about the coming week and pay better attention to BYU, I know you will have your loins girded, your mind enlightened, and your heart gladdened.


The Y's Insider

PS - By any chance are you related to Jeffrey R. Holland? He is an amazing man. Check here to see if there is any relation: www.familysearch.org
Originally posted on Feb 24, 2020 at 12:04:59pm
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