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Mar 18, 2020
777 Living Rent Free In CB Heads
Ohio bar padlocked and barricaded in the Soviet, I mean United States...
In Ohio, one bar was padlocked and barricaded after it was found to be violating the governor's order Sunday and Monday, the Cincinnati Police Department said.

"Authorities descended on the Queen City Lounge in the city’s South Fairmount neighborhood Monday night, and cleared out the group that had assembled there for a private function."

"Not only are you putting the general public at risk, you're putting our officers at risk that had to go in and deal with the individuals that were in violation," Patrol Bureau Commander Paul Neudigate said in a statement.

The establishment has been padlocked and barricaded, and officials are also looking to remove its liquor license and food permits.

40 people were in the bar. 40!!

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