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Oct 23, 2020
reddead All-American
This pic works because of the contrasting white; tuck the shirt in and it's ugly
There's a lot of editing going on in this photo that brings out the difference between the blue (which appears much lighter than navy in many areas) and the shadows (which look blue instead of black). Most of that contrast won't come through on TV or in person - the uniform will just look dark, navy blue.

Additionally, this particular player is wearing a lot of white; white gloves, a (tidily) untucked white shirt, and a massive white forearm sleeve. All that white breaks up the blue and gets rid of the dreaded leotard/unitard look. Most players will tuck their shirts in and/or won't wear sleeves like that, so we won't get all the contrasting white. Instead, we'll get the same-old, same-old navy leotard that we've seen before.
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