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Nov 27, 2020
fattycoug Intervention Needed
The definitive explanation of how scheduling went down the week. According to me
Because I'm Super smart.

-BYU/UW is discussed after Apple Bowl is cancelled. BYU calls back players, practices Monday. Really hoping to get this game.
-the big road block, though, is that ASU is already looking like a no-go. I initially believed that all the other factors like having to go to UW, testing, not wanting to commit to a game that may not happen, etc, were the reasons it broke down. But it's entirely possible that there was just no chance UW was playing anyone but Utah, so they stopped talking about it.
-BYU then, somehow, gets blamed for this. One guy in the media says he "thinks" BYU is waiting for the CFP to come out and see where they are ranked and everyone then starts making this true. I don't think it's true, at all. No possible ranking would have made the UW game a bad idea, IMO.
-UW game goes away, so SDSU and BYU start talking about changing the game to this weekend. This was heavily rumored. This would free both teams up later in December to find games.
-SDSU and CU start talking because there's now rumors that USC can't play (apparently Sunday a player tested positive). SDSU decides to hold out to play CU, if the game is cancelled. They start game prep for CU. They still get to play BYU in December, even if the CU game doesn't happen. It's all good to them.
-BYU maybe talks to CU or just knows that SDSU has already gotten dibs. They tried with UW. There's no other real options left on the horizon. They decide that picking up a game after Monday is not enough time to prep. And that's NOT a crazy line of thinking, guys. Would YOU play BYU with a day of preparation? They decide they've done what they can this week and keep trying for next.
-CU game is cancelled. Everyone freaks out because BYU didn't get the game but the reality is likely that CU never wanted to play BYU and was always going to play SDSU if they didn't play USC. Why would CU want to play BYU? Many of you talk like if Tom would just try harder, he can just choose what games he wants and ABRACADABRA, it's done. That's just silly. Takes two to tango.
-They also freak out that BYU doesn't pick up AFA. As if it's ONLY BYU's choice and as if preparing 1 day for an option team is just nothing.

I don't know if any of this is true but it sure does seem plauisible. I'm not going to say TH "blew it" because we didn't end up with a game.

Not scheduling a game isn't proof that BYU screwed up. Having the kids go home didn't stop this from happening, IMO, either. It wasn't going to happen if the kids had left or not. They could have gotten them back by Tuesday (and some DID come back by Monday, according to Kalani).

I'm also not going to jump on the "we should schedule any game even if it's only with one day of prep" crowd. Yeah, times are crazy but that's a reach. MAYBE if it's a team you are familiar with that you can play at home or at least nearby. I'm convinced that you have to be in talks early in the week, even if it doesn't become official until later in the week, for this to really happen.

The games didn't happen because of PAC rules, the likelihood that the other teams didn't want to play BYU or didn't want to play on short notice (doesn't seem like AFA is going to pick up another game) or didn't want to play at all.
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