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Feb 22, 2021
BlueBlood94 All-American
My sister just can't get a break. Went to the ER Saturday night, her cancer's larger, has spread, & is now in her spine.
Saturday things weren't too bad. Her chemo on Thursday had gone well, much better than her first round. She wasn't throwing up and was keeping food down. She was energized and in good spirits on Thursday. On Friday they did some ultrasounds for her feet that had swollen and found blood clots, so gave her some blood thinners. On Saturday night she went to the ER with bleeding. They admitted her and did tests. Yesterday we were told the news her cancer is worse--larger and now in her spine. We all took that news devastatingly. It's just been more bad news after bad news for 6 weeks now. Yesterday a massive family prayer was organized by her friends. Invitations were extended. I have no doubt thousands of people prayed for her yesterday, many of them at a designated time when we all joined as a family across the country in prayer.

I was fortunate to have been with my parents when we got the bad news. I had felt prompted to go up earlier in the day. I also dropped by Heidi's twin sisters house and dropped off some flowers and talked with her for about an hour. She was just getting over a migraine from crying so much the night before. Her eyes were red and swollen, and we cried and talked together. I was with my parents on a drive watching the sunset when we got the text update about Heidi's cancer being even worse. It was an hour before our organized prayer, and we just all wept together until we prayed. My parents asked me to voice the prayer and it was a very powerful experience I may post about later. For now, I'm preparing to head back to my parents and be with them again today. Frankly we may get the news today that Heidi is simply being sent home on hospice and that nothing more can be done. Or we could get news that maybe she could still stabilize for a month or maybe two to be with family. Either way, today we may learn we have only a few days, or maybe a couple weeks or a month.

My faith remains unshaken. I have prayed for healing. I have prayed for miracles. But I have prayed ultimately for faith, and have never once doubted the faith I still hold to and cherish. It has only grown stronger, even in the face of ever increasingly devastating news, day after day, despite praying for health and healing. Spiritual health and healing are paramount to physical health and healing, and in the latter regard, we have all been truly blessed.
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