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Feb 22, 2021
Junior Deputy All-American
In December both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer within three days of
each other. My mom’s is less aggressive and was found after she was admitted to the hospital with COVID (which was another emotional event).

My dad’s is very aggressive and after an initial operation they started chemotherapy three weeks ago.

Through the whole process so far I’ve come to a couple conclusions that may relate to your situation/feelings:
1. In times of emotional chaos like this, if I’m not willing to trust the Savior and His plan/timing, that everything will work out for the best in the end, then what is the point of everything else we do with the Gospel?
2. There are some spiritual lessons that can only be learned the way we are learning them now.
3. When I plead with Heavenly Father each day to keep my parents here with us, I have to remember that they are His children. He wants to see them too (probably more than I do), once their mortal experience has run its course, and if this is the way chosen for that to happen who am I to say it’s wrong or unfair?
4. If the next life is truly as good as we are taught to believe then death is just the step we take to get there and it is possibly illogical for me to think it’s unfair or wrong.

Lots of deep, deep emotions. I haven’t shared the above with anyone else and I’m not trying to preach- I apologize if that’s how it comes across. Just trying to relate to you.

I genuinely hope you and your family can find peace through all of this.
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