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Feb 22, 2021
ByuImaginesDragons Truly Addicted User
They also have a purpose in our lives, but they aren’t a child. That doesn’t
Mean they are useless or not important. Dogs are how I survive. All I’ve ever wanted to do is work with dogs, and I do. I literally would be one sad human with a job she hated and being miserable. I can’t think of any other line of work that would be as fulfilling to me as what I’m doing.
Dogs can be used for SO much more than working a farm. They are used for police work. They track and find lost people, and murder victims. They can sniff out bombs. They can find people buried by collapsed buildings. They can rescue from water, and avalanches. They can guide the blind. They can detect seizures and keep their person from hitting thier head. They can detect cancer. They can be used for various other disabilities. They even sometimes are the only ones who can get through to an autistic child....
Not only can they do multiple things for us, but they also are just great companions for lots of people. Better than people in some ways as they won’t judge, won’t stab you in the back, won’t treat you horribly. Some people don’t have any family or anyone to keep them company, but they can have a dog. Dogs are a very versatile animal that can help humans out in many ways. Not to mention they’ve been bred for hundreds of years to live with humans and many breeds have never lived on farms or been bred for farm work. They’re not just some mindless creature that requires little more than being on a farm.
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