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Apr 8, 2021
Tarbo All-American
After my two very long road trips in an Audi A4 and an A6, they were really good
on the open road. Currently driving an A5 and my daughter has a Q5 she loves and my brother has a diesel Q5 he really likes. The ergonomics are great, everything is where you want it to be for convenience. The ability to adjust the ride to your liking coupled with the 4 wheel drive just seems so right. I have an independent garage with tech who specialize in Audi and they save me money every time I need things done.
I can't say the same for dealerships, I've been jerked around when I've had to go there. Just follow the recommendations for service at recommended intervals and they are much better than a new Honda we had. The 4 cylinder engine with the variable cam timing had problems for 5 years until the 2013 model solved them. Never a problem with the V6 twin turbo. Those are my stories for whaat it's worth.
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