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May 13, 2021
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We need to have some kind of board rating feature that would appear next to your posts so that people can be informed
before they click on them. The board rating would a 1-10 rating of how you are viewed IRL. If you are tall and good looking and have a voice for radio and are well spoken, so that when people hear you talk they assume you know what you are talking about and listen to you, then you would have a 10 rating.

If you are like 5-2 and heavy set and also have no chin and your voice is really high and you lose your train of thought half way through every sentence, so that everyone assumes you aren't smart, you would have a board rating of 1.

I am sick to death of reading people's posts, finding them to be intelligent and thoughtful, and then meeting that person IRL and realizing that their appearance and persona is very much at odds with the respect I gave them on CB and that their opinion is clearly crap and then I have to go back and reevaluate everything they posted.

It is a waste of time and really can lead to some poor decision making when you are following advice from CB.

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