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Jun 10, 2021
CLCougar All-American
Well, that's your opinion, which is fine, but there's more to consider than long flights. If that were the sole
factor to weigh in on, than WV in Big 12 and Rutgers in Big 10 are truly stupid ideas. What flights in AAC are longer than to HAWAII? How confident are we that Boise and SDSU will stay in MWC? It's about national exposure, broadcasting slots on Saturday, broadcasting fees, fan interest and attendance, etc, etc.

We'd be stuck with multiple super late broadcasts in cruddy cold weather. I'm pretty confident you'd see more BYU fans show up in Orlando and Tampa than you would in Laramie or Albuquerque. Recruiting should be more effective in the AAC than MWC, and I'll bet larger overall fan stadium attendance. The only repeat MWC teams we should play are Boise and USU.
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