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Jun 13, 2021
PHXSUNS31 Intervention Needed
That’s why I included his all-nba/all-star/mvp awards as well
Yes I think team success matters as well and that’s the one area he’s somewhat lacking…but I don’t see how it’s different enough from guys like Kidd/Payton/Nash/Stockton to swing against him.

If you go by counting stats, it’s probably:
1. Stockton
2. Paul
3. Kidd
4. Nash
5. Payton
6. Thomas

By advanced stats it’s:
1. Paul
2. Stockton
3. Nash
4. Kidd
5. Payton
6. Thomas

If you go by awards it’s:
1. Nash(hard to argue against 2 MVP)
2. Paul
3. Kidd
4. Stockton
5. Payton
6. Thomas

If you go by team success it’s
1. Thomas)
2. Payton(again, how do you count his heat title)
3. Kidd(depends on how you count his dallas title)
4. Stockton
5. Nash
6. Paul

Add it up and you get:

Stockton 11
Paul 11
Kidd 13
Nash 13
Payton 18
Thomas 19

And I think the team success is close enough with those bottom guys that this run with the suns could easily push him up that ranking.

Bottom line, if you want to say Stockton is better, sure I’ll disagree, but that’s just an opinion. I can see why someone would say Stockton. But I don’t really think there’s a debate between the other 4 on this list. CP3 is better.
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