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Jul 19, 2021
cbluil Truly Addicted User
I am very grateful for the ND contract... and happy to take an N gm in Vegas
ND football is EASILY a top 5 college football brand. BYU is not. ND had unique access to the BCS. They continue to make the NC game and playoff despite having mediocre teams in comparison to the NC competition. The reason: they are FREAKIN NOTRE DAME!

When we went independent it was Notre Dame that immediately gave us credibility with a 6-game agreement. We needed it. If Notre Dame was going to support us, other schools could follow suit.

ND has had A LOT going on with their schedule in the last decade, including basically joining the ACC. We just announced a game for Missouri when my yet to be born grandchildren will fly their personal car to the game. Schedules take time.

We have our foot in the door for a game with Notre Dame. A good game in a great venue that our fans will show up to and enjoy.

I say, even if its in Las Vegas, lets make it a spectacular event. Let's do our best to forge a strong relationship with Notre Dame and get onto their regular schedule. Let's make the case. Let's play the game. Let's win the game. Let's bury them. Let's be great sports and hope that we are invited to consider another scheduling agreement.
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