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Aug 3, 2021
ChinaFan Truly Addicted User
They aren't getting the players they need to restock at the levels they were playing at. Maybe guys like Sears who go
looking for PT in a battle as USC, but cmon, even Fennegan who played decent against us, is now a Cougar. Think of that, he bails on Boise State to come to BYU where there is a log jam at QB. He has Hall, Romney and Conover in front of him.

In the very best of cases, either Hall or Romney get the nod and do well in 2021, and leaves for NFL. That leaves the other for 2022 to battle with Conover & Fennegan and like three others.

Point is, Fennegan isn't going to just walk in to playing time. So leaving Boise had to have other reasons.
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