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Oct 24, 2021
kimdaddy35 Future Lions Scout
Late Night Thoughts on the Game from Washington
1. Great showing by BYU fans. Not 50/50 but very impressive.

2. We had 8 offensive possessions (they won't count the last one that we ran the clock out with) and scored about 2.7 points per game drive. That is about our average and is good for about 25th in the country. (Pretty good) When you consider we ran the clock out down to about the 25 it was not a bad offensive day.

3. We allowed 19 points on 8 defensive possessions for 2.375 points per drive. That was a little higher than what we have been doing which currently ranks 72nd in the country. As has been the case for most of the year the offense played better than the defense.

4. I believe Tuiaki sent more than 3 one time and it was the wrong time on draw in the 1st quarter that resulted in a TD.

5. The defensive line played better today as they were not put in a good position. Tyler Batty in particular had a good game.

6. Malik Moore is a stud. He was the defense's best player.

7. Jaren Hall holds on to the ball too long at times. But he is a great leader and his QBR is amazing. It would be very hard for a coach to replace him. Whether that is the right decision or not, a change isn't happening anytime soon IMO.

8. I am very, very worried about our defense next week against the best passer we will play all year. WSU QB was just ok. Virginia's QB is very good. You have to confuse QBs. We don't try.
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kimdaddy35 Future Lions Scout
Oct 24, 12:26am

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