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Oct 28, 2021
Y'zGuy Intervention Needed
Ramsey is beneficial for those drowning in credit card debt
his debt snowball is effective. But he's not the plan for growing wealth. I love arguing with his cult members, some of who dont even realize that Ramsey himself filed bankruptcy before. I got banned from his official Facebook page simply for sharing a story of why not having a credit card is a terrible idea...

I was traveling from Texas to Utah and while at the airport someone tried using my debit card for $2,000 at home depot in Florida.

I disputed it, but they shut my card off. If I didn't have a credit card I'd have been up a creek.

And they can argue all they want about how it's not a big deal using a debit card at a hotel or rental car but my decades of business travel tell me otherwise.

And lets not even get started on how absurd it is to try and get "manual underwriting" on a home loan because you have no credit.

Fact is I've taken 5+ trips to Hawaii all free because of my Delta, Southwest and Marriott rewards. I pay the balance on my credit card 2 to 3 times a week.

My current card is a straight cash back card, and I've earned between $1k and $2k in cash simply for swiping the card, while paying not a penny of interest.
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