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Nov 21, 2021
Let me tell you an NIL Story. Over the summer while talking to some fb players
Let me tell you an NIL Story. Over the summer while talking to some fb players
We discussed the new NIL rules. I jokingly asked them "so are you all millionaires yet?" They laughed and said they were excited about all the buzz from businesses interested in contracting BYU football players.

Fast Forward a few weeks, and we are talking again. They say the wish they had an easy way to just sign autographs and make some money at an event. Or just play video games or coach younger kids and make some more money. I say you just need a business to set this all up for you and handle all of it. Schedule stuff, take payments, handle your tax forms etc.

The Players say would you please set this up for us (If you want to know which players just go see who follows us on twitter and that might provide a clue). I have a good friend who is an MBA and Web Developer, another who is an accountant, So I talk to them and they say sure thing. They are also huge BYU fans.

So that is our genesis story. Now we are setting up events working with the players NIL agency. Here is kind of our beliefs

1) a majority of all the profits from the events (which aren't expensive in nature) will go to the players. Usually around 60%

2) We want to create unique and exclusive opportunities between fans and players. Things that wouldn't just occur without us setting it up

3) We want to maximize the power of Cougar Nation to provide the maximum support and benefit to BYU athletes

4) We want to provide a variety of ways to support players that fit all budgets so everyone can participate with us. (sell cheaper zoom links to expensive events, get exclusive insider posts from players for a cheap basic subscription)

5) focus on players with less opportunities to get NIL contracts

6) We wan to help create unique uplifting experiences for young fans. Which will be meaningful to them and the players.

Here is how you can help us to help the players

1) Interact with our posts on CougarBoard. Give us ideas and feedback

2) Follow or subscribe to us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

3) Attend a CougConnect event or subscribe to our services when they become available

They players love all the fan support. They will always sign autographs and chat with your kids. This isn't meant to change any of that. We aren't going to be doing low level (Ghostbusters II) birthday party type events. These will be unique and exclusive type events. This shouldn't change the nature of how cool and close knit we are with the BYU players. It should just give us a new way to get more interaction and provide more NIL opportunities to players.

Please give us a follow
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