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Nov 24, 2021
RealityCheck All-American
Why are you so threatened?
I have no connection with any MLM but I have worked in IT for one many years ago. I never have been involved as a representative because that is not me.

This fear of a different marketing model appears irrational to me. Why are you so threatened over this that you have to put up a strange poll? Is it illegal or immoral in some way? Are the parties being forced? Is the motivation for wealth bothersome?

I have been forced to sit through a very uncomfortable MLM presentation on more than one occasion as a relationship was leveraged. I did not like it, so I did not buy anything. I try to bring my big-boy pants as much as I can, even if I do forget to wear them quite often.

Are you threatened at car dealerships or by commissioned sales people? Why not ask if we are bothered by a Ken Garf sponsorship or by one of the Heating and Cooling companies?

Were you let go by one of them? Did one of the owners offend you?
As long as it is a voluntary interaction, what is the big deal?
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