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May 8, 2022
PrimeQuantumDeek Truly Addicted User
I went to Smith's in Saratoga Springs tonight and I swear it was a Billy Bob
convention. Geez. First guy I saw when I walked in looked like he stepped in out of monster truck rally. Then I realized I was looking at a mirror.

Truth be told I was looking pretty ragged. I fought with my sprinkler system today, and it appears that I won. Though I'm a little the worse for wear. All my zones are pressurized and operating normally. I had a zone that wouldn't pressurize at all. I found a t-jont that had catastrophically failed. Cracked all the way through. I blew out my system last October, so I don't how it happened. Our neighbor did put in cement, and I suppose the cement truck could've driven over that piece of property where it was located, but it is whatever.

Back to Smith's, is it always that busy on Saturday nights? Holy crap. I never go to Smith's, but Ridley's was all out of chicken breasts.
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