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Jun 23, 2022
Y05 All-American
I like for "wow factor" to get greater emphasis on a top plays list.
There are so many great once in a generation type plays that have gotten lost because it happened in a loss, or the season was 8-5.

That Jaren Hall TD run on 4th down at Baylor was so cool, but I bet in 5 years we barely remember it because no one wants to talk about a play from a game we lost.

Back up TE Terence Saluone had an incredible one handed 40+ yard TD catch in a 1992 win over New Mexico. It would be great on any hype video, but because that game doesn't carry much historical significance, the play has all but been lost to the collective fan base.

We can do another list of greatest moments for plays like 11 yard TD pass we see a dozen times each season, but context of time and place give it a whole new meaning.
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