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Aug 6, 2022
kalifi Let’s go Holmoe!
I’m biased obviously but I love Super Rugby which is just NZ/Australia/Fiji (March-July w/15-16 regular season games)
It’s nice because it gets me through the down times of BYU sports. College basketball ends late march and football doesn’t start until August.

There are a lot of other leagues but many of them span over a few countries.

Super Rugby used to be New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Argentina. They are now just New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji.

MLR in the US/Canada - they are just not as clean and seem so “rough”. Its just not pretty rugby to me. It’s a new system so it may take a while to really establish a “flavor” of play and a good following.

United Rugby Championship (formerly Pro14) is a good league to watch. Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy, and recent addition of South African teams) -I like this competition. Ireland teams are fun to follow and the addition of SA teams is a good mix of smash mouth rugby vs finesse rugby.

The English have the Premiership Rugby union competition. Paul Lasike played for the Harlequins in this league. I had a chance to watch one of these games in person but my flight was delayed into London.

The French have the Pro 14, not to be confused with the other Pro14 that I mentioned above that had the name change. I really don’t have any connection or care for this league but if I was there I would try to catch a match in person.

Japan Rugby League One is the premier league in Japan. This is the league that is getting a lot of top notch players from NZ to go play in. They throw tons of money at the players. It’s a fun league that is more finesse/flash and less smash mouth.

There are so many leagues in other countries that are provincial regional club leagues that work as feeder leagues leading up to the premier leagues. Think like minor leagues to big leagues. The cool thing about the New Zealand clubs is many players finish the premier leagues and then go back to provincial clubs. It’s like a good ole boys club. This is where you got your start and now you are too old/broken but still have a love for the game so you go play a game with your old club team.
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