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Sep 21, 2022
JimmyZ Truly Addicted User
I wish Holker the best. Whenever I have had a good employee quit I have to
Remind myself that they are leaving to better themselves and that I failed to recognize that they needed growth that I wasn’t offering them. So I am partly to blame. I have tried to never begrudge a man or woman who is trying to better themselves by leaving my employ. Even if it hurts me in the short run. It sometimes takes me time to get there. But I eventually do.

I have found that instead of making them an enemy, I get to rejoice in their successes. It makes my life a happier one than focusing on perceived lack of loyalty and other nonsense that just cankers the soul.

So let Mr. Holker leave to better himself. Sure it hurts. But if he feels he need to leave to better himself, why begrudge that? Unless you have never quit one job because you believed you could improve your income or future growth or happiness by getting a new job?

Best wishes Mr. Holker. I hope you kill it wherever you go. Except if you ever play us….
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