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Sep 27, 2022
Trent Die-hard
My son has had allergies become more of a nuisance the last couple of years.
More sneezing and runny nose than he ever had before (he’s 12 now). We decided to take him to an allergist to see if there is a better option than taking Zyrtec (or other allergy meds) every day.

He did a skin irritant test and it showed a bunch of allergies. So the allergist suggested shots weekly for a couple of months then monthly for 3-5 years to build up resistance to the allergens. Kind of like the Dread Pirate Roberts developing immunity to iocane powder I guess.

If that’s the right answer then that is fine. But that is quite the commitment right in his junior high through high school years. Any allergists out there concur that this is definitely the right answer?

Should I get other opinions from other kinds of docs? I mean sometimes when you are a hammer everything looks like a nail. It may be AN answer but is it clearly THE answer? Or would other kinds of docs propose other answers that may not be a 3-5 year process?

I mean he didn’t even have allergies much until the last 2-3 years. Could they chill out as fast as they flared up with patience? Maybe puberty kicks in and it just goes away?

Any crowdsourced wisdom on this? If we went to other types of docs what kind would we see for a 2nd opinion?
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