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Jan 30, 2023
TheLoneCougar Adrielle?!
Bro, please watch the play again...
Here is the link:

Go to the 1:40:55 mark, it is second and 9 and Mahomes throws an incomplete pass (which means the clock should stop, which it did) at 10:29.

With about 10 seconds left on the play clock, the side judge runs in and blows the play clock dead and then moves the position of the ball.

The head official says, "Please reset the play clock to 10 seconds and start on my whistle."

This is where the problem is my friend. Notice not only the play clock but the game clock is going as well.


The last play was an incomplete pass, the game clock should not start. This is why the side judge came in and why the 1st 3rd and 9 play didn't count.

This isn't rocket science nor is it a conspiracy. The refs did the right thing.

Thank you judge and jury, I rest my case.
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