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Mar 18, 2023
krindorr Truly Addicted User
In fairness you did leave out them addressing the scenario where they get left behind (which they did consider)

Their take on Utah to the MWC is likely overly positive, but they did directly address it. Pretending otherwise is misleading


This is reality for Utah: 

Pie in the sky, best case scenario: Time goes by, the Big 10 expands, and they take Utah from the P10/P12/P14/B12. 

Most realistic scenario: The P10/12/14 signs a deal with someone for around 30 million a year, give or take. The GOR expires in 2029/2030 so all teams can pitch themselves to whatever conference comes calling. 

Worst case scenario: Utah goes to the B12 and is instantly the best football program there. 

Absolute worst case scenario/BYU’s dream scenario for Utah: They end up in the MWC. Under the new playoff rules, the six conference champs that are ranked higest and the remaining six highest ranked teams make the playoffs. Given Utah’s tradition and respect, they go to the playoffs every year and either the USC of the new college football world when the SEC/B1G break off or they are snapped up by the B1G/SEC when the break happens. Or the money dries up, USC, UCLA and maybe TX and Oklahoma come back to the P10. 

No matter what happens, Utah will be just fine. 

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