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Mar 29, 2023
BYU TO THE MOON Contributor
I was homeschooled growing up
I would say it definitely made me more reliant on my family (this could be a pro or can depending on your point of view). The social aspect I would definitely say was strange.
There is really only two paths you can take socially. You can take them to a homeschool activity things. Which I did as a kid. I loved it until I was in seventh grade or so and then I realized how weird some of the kids are. The second option for social interaction is sports and clubs.
On the academic side there’s pretty much only two type curriculums parents most often use. They either have their kids in an accelerated path and have them graduate high school at 18 with an associates degree or they just don’t teach them anything and just teach their kids random stuff and let them play Minecraft all the time.
For my at home life it was really weird. Your mom either becomes your teacher and you can barely ever talk to her about anything other than school, or your teacher becomes your mom which really hinders your learning ability.
My personal relationships with people has been very rocky. I didn’t really have any friends until I was 13 or so and even then I was really awkward. I would say I finally started to feel like my social skills were at least ok when I was 16 or so.
I would also say homeschooling really made me fear other people when I was younger. I only ever really associated with my family and siblings.

For those wondering I was homeschooled from kindergarten to 10th grade. Also sorry if there’s some grammatical mistakes I didn’t have very much time to wright this.
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