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Jun 9, 2023
Hambone All-American
So I’m pretty sure that I tore my rotator cuff playing pickup basketball last
week. Had the guy blocked low, full hand on the ball, but he Euro stepped past me and went up so my arm went back and then up. I felt a tweak and heard a little squishy tearing sound. It didn’t really hurt at the time, and I’ve played with it since and even played a few rounds of golf, but it has been sore since the injury. It’s not loose in the joint or anything, but it hurts to put my arm straight up or behind my back.

Is this something that I should get treated, or will it just heal on its own? I tore the labrum in my other shoulder as a teenager and had to get it surgically repaired after about a dozen dislocations. There haven’t been any dislocations or anything but the soreness, so I’m thinking that I’ll just soldier on. I’m just surprised that it’s been sore for an entire week without signs of getting better, and I’m worried that I could get complications with scar tissue or something.
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