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Jun 10, 2023
Brandoblueblood Starter
And that deficit is on top of "support" from the taxpayers. Outrageous.
BYU's sports take no tithe money.

Public universities like UW and Utah, on the other hand, take direct and indirect "support" (aka tax money) from the university. What's infuriating is the $multimillion salaries for coaches comes from that same pool of money that includes that tax money. Whittingham is paid a $5M salary - as an entertainer, remember - when the state contributes that same amount, $5M in direct support to the program and another $2M in indirect support.

How is it possible there isn't outrage that tax money is paying $multimillion salaries for entertainers? Whittingham makes 10x what the president of the United States makes. For what public good? National defense? Policing? No. College sports are exactly the type of entertainment that the market will reward according to the value it provides. It's crazy tax money is somehow justified.

And to make matters worse, now we see deficits beyond even the projected taxpayer contributions. And we see "accounting errors" to the tune of $70M. That money is already spent. Who do we think will pay those deficits? Certainly the market isn't going to "aw shucks" it and pony up. It'll be you and me.

Fund yourselves, sports programs, or tighten your belt like you're telling the public they need to do currently.

Or humble your leftist, pride-in-bureaucracy selves and come learn how to actually operate entertainment in the black like the school just 40 minutes south.
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