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Sep 30, 2023
King of Y Playmaker
One time, my brother’s fiancé decided they should get married on a Saturday in
September. She did not understand that They should have chosen a day that did not have a BYU football game. There was a bye week either the week before or week after (I cannot remember which.) I tried to tell him it would be better on the bye week but she did not care/understand. And there was no way of I was going to fly to Utah the weekend of a home game that I would not go to the game.

So, we went to the sealing in SLC in the morning, booked it to the game, watched 3 quarters of the game, then hauled butt up the reception. Of course I wanted to watch the whole game, but it was better to see part of the game in person then none of it.

Either way, people have there reasons. Get over it.
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