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Nov 30, 2023
hardcorecoug Starter
Not at all why I posted. I'm stoked at our success and think we'll do great
things this season! I'm optimistic and excited! I'm not sure what about my post told you that I'm "telling people to not enjoy our successes." I'm just saying the PREDICTIONS from this site seem out there given that we're only 6 games in the season. My point was I don't think some of these kind of numbers are warranted this early in the season. Do any of us really believe we are the favorites to WIN the Big 12? How about have a 32.6% chance that we are #1 seed, 38.9% chance to make the elite eight? I think our team is fantastic and have had the most fun watching them since Jimmer's team. All I'm saying is I don't think these type of numbers are warranted yet. Doesn't mean I'm not absolutely stoked about how the season has gone and where it could go. This site puts us above Kanas in basically all predictions.
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