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Feb 12, 2024
DawgHaus Contributor
Travis Kelce was way out of line. It's not about hating Kelce.
It's about a 34 yr old grown man, who signed a 4 yr, $57.25 m contract, plus endorsements - who spun emotionally out of control.
He's on national tv and playing in the biggest game of the year for heavens sakes!
So, he chooses to become unhinged and scream at his Head Coach - and bump him - nearly knock his coach off his feet? Nutso.
1. Kelce has no business even approaching his head coach in that pissed off mood.
2. Reid has more important things on his immediate "to do" list besides listen to a grown man throw a BS temper tantrum.
3. Kelce should have gone to his position coach. Or just shut up and do what his coach asks him to do. So crazy.
4. There is a chain of command while playing the game - and attacking your head coach verbally and physically is
outside that chain of command and professional conduct. Way out of line.
5. It's not for Andy Reid to discipline Travis Kelce. Andy has to maintain a good relationship with Kelce and get back to the Super Bowl.
6. The Chiefs organization needs to send a message and let Kelce know he embarrassed the organization, himself, was unprofessional,
and disrespected his coach on a global stage. Not acceptable. Never to happen again. They need to fine Kelce and send a message that gets his attention.
7. Then enjoy the off-season and start the process of getting back into the Super Bowl next year.
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