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Feb 12, 2024
DawgHaus Contributor
Absolutely Andy Reid, or any head coach has the authority to discipline.
That was not what I meant in #5.
What I meant was, Andy Reid had bigger fish to fry at the point. He had a Super Bowl to win. And he did.
And Kelce to unhinged jerk was an integral part of that winning effort. Kelce is a superstar.
That does not give him the right to get in the grill of his HC and chest bum him and dress him down verbally during a game.
There is respect, there are chains of command and lines of authority. Kelce tossed all that to the wind.
Reid chose not to discipline or make a big deal of it because - yes - winning the Super Bowl was more important. I agree.
But now? The game is over and something needs to be done because of the disrespect Kelce cast onto Andy Reid, the Chiefs
organization, and himself. I would submit the team manager should handle the discipline (after conferring with Andy Reid and his
mngt team.). I do think something needs to be done. But, Kelce cannot be alienated. There are future championships to win with this
exceptional team.
I wish Andy Reid success in all his efforts to keep winning, as long as he wants to.
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