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Feb 12, 2024
morningcalmcougar Playmaker
So documented reports of a few teachers is enough for you to ensue that ALL do?
I don't know you from Adam, but I know plenty of people who have home schooled at different times for different reasons. You are taking a few isolated incidents and condemning an entire form of education. There are literally millions of public educators in the country that do all they can, and more, to educate the next generation and you are throwing them all under the bus because of a few reports. Your arguments here are completely illogical and do not stand up to any sort of reasoning. You are trying to shoehorn your beliefs about public education into a discussion in a way that any rational person would see it simply does not fit. If you want to homeschool, then do it. But don't try and throw millions of hard-working educators, and families who send their kids to them for a quality education, under the bus to to fit your narrowed understanding of reality.
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