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Feb 23, 2024
babycarrot All-American
Something similar happened to my brother with HS basketball. Long story short,
due to living internationally for part of his freshman year in HS, my brother wouldn’t have had enough credits to graduate HS at the same time as all his peers.

So in order to get into his dream school (BYU), he started to take community college classes and then would transfer to BYU and enroll at BYU at the same time as any normal freshman aged kid would do his age.

Happened to be that my brother had to take a class in order to get enough credits to transfer that would be on Wednesday evenings. Wouldn’t miss any games, but he would miss 1 practice a week for like 6 weeks.

So during tryouts, my brother tells the coach the situation he is in, and the coach demands that he can’t miss those practices and is making him choose between college and HS basketball. My brother said he wanted to go to BYU, so he walked out of tryouts. And it’s not like my brother was a bench player either. Would have been a starter easily.

Parents got involved and the coach was made to take back his decisions, but the relationship was already damaged and my brother ended up needing knee surgery anyways, so he never played his senior year. Just dropped out of HS all together, took community classes full time, and transferred to BYU as planned.
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