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Feb 26, 2024
BigRone Walk-on
People have no idea how big a conspiracy this is. Someone needs to blow it open.
We have applied the last five years running. Every year we get denied.

And every year we watch people we know who have significant wealth get in and celebrate it. Same people *every* year.

And every year we call the Sports Camp office and ask if there's some way to improve our odds. And every year they tell us it's purely random, except with a bias toward letting people in who have never been before.

So today I very kindly told the sweet BYU student who answered the phone that she needs to go talk to her supervisors, and tell them they need to stop throwing her out there to disseminate pure falsehoods, because it's not fair to her and it's not fair to the public. It's disappointing to see BYU blatantly lie about something to its loyal fans.

And it truly is outright lies. I have the list of attendees from last year's camp. If this list was randomly constructed, that means 90% of all men interested in BYU are CEO's of venture capital firms, wildly successful company founders, or former BYU athletes. Those are really your only choices in life. Just google the name of another person on last year's list and you have a very high chance of finding out about another private equity firm you hadn't known about before.

And its CEO will be at BYU Father's and Sons camp this year.

And if you're not extremely wealthy yourself, odds are, you and your son won't.
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Feb 26, 2024
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