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Apr 4, 2024
wildeone All-American
Finally finished BCS. Seasons 1-5: 4/10. Season 6: 6.5/10. I stand by what I
said earlier. This show is the most self-indulgent show I've ever seen. Every single scene is too long.
This is the classic case of James Cameron syndrome. A show does well, and then the showrunner is allowed to create a show completely unfettered.
The black and white to reflect the future was a decent idea at first, but it was a terrible idea to have entire episodes done that way.
Literally, this show would be better with 3 seasons instead of 6.
If the only change was to make the show more efficient, it could've gotten an 8.
It is an unnecessary prequel.

The show goes a long way to justify his transition from Jimmy to Saul by blaming it on Chuck. This irked me as it gave Chuck no sense of agency.
Chuck was absolutely right about him.
When walter tells him "so you were always this way?", I yelled "THANK YOU"!
It really irritated me how they did in Howard. It made no sense. It sounded like 2 commie college students doing a "stick it to the man" routine.
And they didn't have the decency to even say why. In fact, it is never explained.
Lalo was a very good villain.

Reflecting on this show, I've decided that prequels are generally not good ideas. You know the end from the beginning, especially when it involves a character from the original series. It removes stakes. And what was learned? Saul/Jimmy were always bad. Always cheating. Always cutting corners.
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